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Main school access gate

Cost: $555 

-Project has been fully funded and completed

Multi-Purpose Room

Cost: $23,125

-This will be utilized as a computer lab, library, after-school tutoring room, and a lunch room.

-Project has been fully funded and completed

Solar Panels

Cost: $2,350

-Will be used to power the computer lab and hospital, as well as provide internet and lighting.


Cost: $850

-The cost for year one will be $850, and year 2 will decrease to $550.

School supplies 

Cost: $500 a year

-Shipments are sent out twice a year.

Food Supplies

Cost: $2,000 a year

-Shipments are sent out twice a year.

Medical and Health Supplies

Cost: $600 a year

-These are distributed to the school, local hospital, and the solar refrigerator.

-Shipments are sent out twice a year.

Student Scholarships

Cost: $13,500

-$3 a month/ per kid for 500 students will cover all necessary school fees.

Building of Additional Classrooms

Cost: $5,000

-Our goal is to better serve this community by adding three more classrooms to reach older-aged kids.

Training for Teachers

Cost: $1,500

-We want to provide our students with the tools to help them reach their goals and lift themselves out of their situations. We believe education is the means to their success.

Clean Water

Cost: $2,000

-Currently, the school only has one water tap, we want to fund a project to add more taps and filters to make sure our students have fresh water.

Basketball Court

Cost: $1,250

-These kids need a safe, dust-free place to exercise, play, and learn how to work in teams.

Bathroom Upgrade

Cost: $1,350

-There are a total of 500 students, but there are a limited number of sanitary toilets.

Outdoor Flooring

Cost: $2,000

-Our initiative is to install outdoor flooring because there is sand covering their play area, which isn’t safe for the children to breathe in and burns their bare feet.

Finish Fencing

Cost: $2,500

-This fence will protect the students by preventing outside horse carts from racing through their school yard and endangering them.


Ngohe is a village in Senegal, at about 85 miles from the capital Dakar. It’s a 2 hour drive from Dakar. Ngohe became famous due to its strategic location during World War II for the French army to gather soldiers to take them to France to fight against the Germans. The french maintained a small administration until the country’s independence in 1960 and finally left and never returned to develop the area. However people from the village kept their pride and stayed very conservative. People in the village primarily lived from crops grown for self consumption but with the scarcity of the rain, the field work was not always fruitful.

In the past, several non profit organizations have attempted to help however today they are all gone and the village has been abandoned. Children are attending schools sometimes with only a meal in their stomach or just nothing at all to eat. Classes are over crowded, children sit on the floor because there aren’t enough tables and chairs, children can’t afford books and school supplies, there are no extra curricular activities, the local hospital lack equipment, the list goes on and on…

Given all these challenges, children end up dropping out of school, usually in 5th grade and sometimes end up in the capital, panhandling.

Obbayo Children’s Foundation, with the help of sponsors, visited the school in Spring 2017 to bring staple food, school supplies and equipment to help the children of Ngohe village. We want to make sure children stay in school.

We invite each one of you to help either as a one time donation or monthly donation. Remember that every dollar can make a difference. We accept all sort of donations. Please contact us for more information.

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